Aspect Transportation Safety Safety is a Lifestyle

Aspect Transportation Safety (ATS) provides a variety of Health and Safety services for all companies, whether your company is transportation based or not. Our clients receive services such as:

  • Hardcopies and a digital copy of your unique Health and Safety Manual,
  • Personalized Health and Safety Manuals, where we make your Health and Safety Manual truly unique to your company,
  • Regular Health and Safety Manual updates,
  • Familiarization Time, where we provide direction to your staff on the content and format of your unique Health and Safety Manual,
  • Safety inspections of vehicles, equipment and facilities (such as offices, yards, warehouses, etc.),
  • Incident investigations, where we utilize our custom designed II-Team, and team of Safety Professionals, to determine the cause of an incident and provide direction on how to prevent such an incident from reoccurring,
  • Literature multiple languages, audio available on request,
  • Creation or restructuring of your Health and Safety Management System, which is designed to help create a customized Health and Safety Management program for your company,
  • Health and Safety Handbooks for all vehicles, this is a 8.9 cm x 20.3 cm (3.5”x 8”) condensed version of the Health and Safety Manual and some driving best practices,
  • ATS investigates all company related incidents your employees or contractors may be involved in, using a unique approach to incident investigation, our Incident Investigation Team (II-Team). II-Team consists of the following professionals:
    1. A qualified Collision Analyst,
    2. Health and Safety Officers,
    3. Certified Heavy-Duty Mechanic,
    4. Various trainers.
  • ATS offers the following Additional Services:
    1. Third-party indent reviews,
    2. Out of Province Mechanical Inspections for Client Vehicle Units,
    3. Working from Home information,
    4. Monthly newsletter,
    5. CDR/HVEMR downloads (coming soon!!),
    6. Customized Recurrent Training Programs,
    7. Additional Health and Safety Manuals – available in both hardcopy and digital copy,
    8. Independent Review of Incidents of past and current incidents,
    9. Annual Safety and Maintenance Inspections,
    10. Annual Mechanical Fitness Assessments,
    11. Working from Home Information and Applications

Safety is a Lifestyle



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